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boundless media

what is boundless?

boundless media is the makers' revolution - an inter-generational, multicultural, and multidimensional course of action building sustainable bridges through media. We are the foundation of new independent media. Our platform is formed through a tight-knit community, creating opportunities that break systemic barriers.

i'd like to join!

boundless media is now offering a membership program for makers on the margins who would align with our vision! We require an upfront registration fee to fund our programming, interns, and publications. We recognize that everyone have different financial abilities, thus we have implemented a sliding scale for our membership program.

All memberships are equal, regardless of how much you pay. We trust that you will choose the fee that best reflects your situation. Think of it as a small investment in your future.*

→ $15 (for low-income individuals)
→ $25 (recommended)
→ $50 (for people of a higher class/ with disposable income)

*all amounts are in $CAD

Registration is a one-time fee! We will always be upfront if pursuing additional projects will require more funds, and will tirelessly work to be as economically sustainable as possible.

To learn more about our membership program, click here!
meet our founder!

Leif Gifford
Founder, CEO
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